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Adam WV

Adam is a 2008 FHANA registered friesian stallion who is our premium breeder. He has produced some of the finest friesian and friesian sporthorse foals in the nation. He comes out of the stall ready to do his task at hand, weather it is Spanish dance, pull a carriage or put on a show - but he is always a gentleman when doing it.  Foals out of Adam have superior suspension, vertical neck and a muscular body.

Sire: Maiko 373
Dam: Diva of DHD

Height: 15.3

Stud Fee: $1,000

Ringo FN

Ringo is one of our new FHANA registered friesian stallions on the property. He has surpassed all expectation when it comes to training and all around manners. He has a great head on his shoulders and is very kind and friendly in the barn. He also is a very quick learner, picking up on new training ques within minutes. Ringo's foals are bred to have lots of hair, long elegant bodies, sweet temperaments and a natural suspension perfect for many riding disciplines.  

Sire: Tomke "fan Panahuys"

Dam: Keishe V.L.

Height: 15.3 (still maturing)


Michelangelo's Pride R.F.

Angelo is another new addition to the Carolina Carriage Family. He caught our eye because of his short back and very long legs. His temperament is very docile and his willingness to learn makes him a very attractive horse to train.  Angelo's foals are bred to be full of feather, very expressive and on the tall side of friesian standards.

Sire: Michelangelo P.

Dam: Gertrude P.

Height: 16.3

Stud Fee: $750

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